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Dianne Collins - Professional Organizer - Sort and Sensibility Home Organizing

We Promise to:

  • Be non-judgmental, caring & professional. Everyone has good reasons why they need help with organization. 

  • Respect your privacy and keep it confidential.

  • Work hard so you get the most value for your investment.

  • Offer real solutions - we're not trying to color code your granola or get you to buy-in to the latest fancy containers!

Dianne Collins - Professional Organizer - Sort and Sensibility Home Organizing

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the initial phone consultation entail?

I'd like to hear your concerns and share how we can help. We discuss your goals, challenges, budget & preferences. In this phone call, together we can determine whether our services are right for you.

What happens after the initial consulation?

We schedule your first organizing session. I send you agreements to sign & collect a $50 deposit to reserve your date on the calendar.

What can I expect during the sessions?

We work together to declutter - determining  "keep, donate or toss" for each item. We get to know you and your vision for your spaces (or help you to create a vision!) We will help (not force) you to let go of items which no longer serve you. This can be mentally & emotionally taxing, but we will help you through it. We can then arrange your items, contain them, and show you how to maintain the new system. 


Is there anything I should do before you arrive?

Sure. Try to have extra trash bags and/or empty boxes available for items which you will donate. If we'll be working in a space with clothing, try to have as much as possible clean and ready to go through. Don't worry about folding or hanging. We will do that for you.

Do I need to work with you the whole time?

Nope. After the decluttering stage, we will get to work developing systems and zones to find the perfect home for each item. You can do other things if you'd like to.

What about containers & supplies?

Containers can make a huge difference so we may offer suggestions for you to purchase online or at local stores, as well as show you some popular choices we have in inventory. When possible, if you desire, we will use supplies you already own.

Do you provide labeling?

Yes! We provide either printed or handwritten labels, as needed, to make ongoing maintenance easier for you. If you desire die-cut or clip labels, these incur an extra charge.


Can I call you if I have problems?

Of course! We're available for ongoing text/phone support during the project, often over multiple sessions. And we will follow up with you within the first couple of weeks after project completion to make sure everything is working for you.

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