Package Details:


Recognizing that each client has unique needs, challenges & preferences,

we develop customized plans to organize each space in each home.

We can come alongside you to motivate and help you power through your project or we can step in to conquer the clutter & contain the chaos in a full scale rescue! 


In-Home Organizing Services include:

  • free initial consultation (in-home or virtual)

  • "hands-on" organizing "packaged" into minimum 3 hour sessions

  • space planning

  • trash and/or donation drop off (limited to 1 car load)

  • shopping & delivery of organizational supplies (no mark-up)

  • basic labeling

  • text/email support during project

  • a follow up call 1 month after project completion

  • $50/hour, discounts available for 18+ hrs



Virtual Organizing Service Packages include:

  • Great for those who desire to DIY their organization but need a guide

  • free initial consultation (virtual)

  • 1.5 hrs* online with a professional organizer

  • 2+ hrs "behind the scenes" planning

  • space planning

  • a printable plan with actionable steps

  • shopping list with online links

  • basic labels

  • text/email support during project

  • a follow up call 1 month after project completion

  • $250* per project

*note: 1.5 hrs is generally good to cover 1-2 spaces, which can be properly determined after assessing your goals





Moving In/Out Service Packages include:

  • free initial consulation

  • We work in blocks of 6+ hours

  • decluttering (with or without client) to get home ready for sale

  • space planning

  • packing up and labeling, in an organized, sensible way so you can locate items easily later

  • system design and unpacking in the new home

  • organizing in your new home with containers, supplies, labels

  • $50/hr



Space Planning Consultation Packages for New Builds include:

  • Consulting on traffic flow, storage, daily function, zones, small structural elements, etc... to achieve good form & function

  • Contact us for more info

  •  $75/hr




All Packages require:

  • $50 deposit due at time of booking, valid for 6 months. It is non-refundable

  • Full Payment is due at start of first session

  • All organization containers & supplies are paid by client separately (no mark-up)

Our goal is to get your home looking and feeling more organized, with beautiful spaces that function smoothly and are easy to maintain. We stand behind our work and welcome feedback. If something just isn't working for you, let's talk about how we can make it right so you can become one of our satisfied customers.