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Motivation to Get Organized

Updated: May 6

Don't Stress about organizing. Shift your mindset.

Many of us struggle with clutter and disorganized homes. The National Association of Professional Organizers reports we spend one year of our lives looking for lost items. And Harris Interactive reports 23 percent of adults say they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them.

Yet we also struggle with making the changes necessary to actually have a more peaceful and functional home. We watch the shows on TV and drool over the pristine counter spaces and the color coded canisters. And we wish we could have that feeling of relief that those TV-people have. We also wish we could have the team of professionals behind the scenes who make the magic happen. It is difficult to know where and how to begin.

Organizing should be freeing, rewarding and satisfying. If we see the process of organizing as a dreaded chore, then maybe we are in need of a mindset shift, a different approach, so we can finally find motivation to get organized.

Here are 3 mindset shifts which can redefine the task of organizing and remove the stressful thoughts which prevent us from moving forward to improve our own homes.

Mindset Shift # 1 - Organizing is not a "ONE AND DONE" task. You may think this is negative - "You mean I will NEVER be finished?!" But the positive side is that organizing can be accomplished with small actions over small increments of time with a few habit changes. Yes, it's amazing to have a professional organizer help you to reset your space and start fresh. I mean, that's what I love to do for people! But to maintain your home's order, all it takes is a few daily changes. Here are some examples:

  • A Place for Everything: Return from grocery shopping and put everything in it's place (now that the pantry has labeled bins/shelves it's easy to see where things go.)

  • Declutter: Just wore an outfit you didn't really enjoy? Make a mental note and as soon as it comes out of the wash, throw it into the bag labeled "donate". Keep adding to this bag often until it's full and then put it in your car and drop it off when you go out.

  • Tidy/chores: Take a few minutes each day (you choose the time) to load/unload the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, and/or pick up the floor and clear countertops. Build routines into your day.

  • Reduce paper: Go through the mail next to the waste basket and immediately discard junk mail. Open the mail that needs to be addressed and divide into easily accessible "to file" and "to do" piles orfolders. Then deal with those items every 1 to 2 weeks.

Mindset Shift #2 - Organizing is not just for looks. It's primary goal is FUNCTION. It should make your life easier, more simplified, not more complicated and difficult. Don't worry about choosing expensive or fancy organizing solutions before you start. You can use shoe boxes, jars, disposable food containers, etc... You can upgrade later. Don't worry about color-coding if it's not important to you. Think rather toward the goals of finding everything you need, and keeping things in zones where you would most likely use them. For instance, if you always prep dinner next to the sink, keep your cutting boards, knives & collanders near the sink. If you only need a particular box of decorations once per year, it's okay to store them high in the garage or in the back of a deep closet.

Mindset Shift #3 - The organization in your home doesn't have to be a perfect or permanent solution. It can grow, change and evolve over time. Your needs will change. The people living in your home will change. Your taste may change. You may have renovations in your home. Organize for today. You can always tweak it tomorrow.

So start organizing today. Start with a drawer or a closet or a room. Get rid of things you can let go of and arrange the things you really want and need. Start enjoying a more organized home one space at a time.

Which space in your home is the most fun to organize. Which space is the most challenging? Leave your comments below, share this post and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any future posts!

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