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Meet Dianne Collins -
Professional Organizer/Owner

I live in Salem, SC with my husband and daughter and we love this area. We relocated to Oconee County from Northern Michigan in 2014. In my spare time, I love to hike the waterfalls in the Carolinas, work in the garden, play guitar, snuggle with my cat (and someday a dog again) and binge Netflix. Having lived through several moves myself, I've streamlined the process and found ways to live clutter-free in any home - big and small. It is my sincere desire to help you reduce stress and enjoy your home, too. I am excited for opportunities to tame the chaos in any space... I love all the details! My clients' reactions of relief and delight motivate me. I love what I do!

My Story

I must have been born for this because I’ve been organizing & "systemizing" as long as I can remember. (I was one of those kids who liked to rearrange my bedroom and organize my mom's cabinets.) Achieving order, function and beauty make me happy. My past (grown-up) experiences, which have all ultimately led to this role of Professional Organizer, include: Admin & HR for a national consulting company, Photographer & Order Fulfillment Mgr for a Studio, and Customer Service.  A few years ago, I created a YouTube Channel, originally named "Works For Me" with Di Collins. The aim was to share home organizing tips and inspiration for fun. Not long after, I was called upon by family & friends to help them organize. I was encouraged to turn my passion and skill into a business. Now, I am providing services to clients who need help with not only organizing, but also moving preparation & unpacking, staging, downsizing, and space planning. I have been privileged to recruit a couple others on my team when needed for larger projects, and now organizing is more fun than ever! Click on over to Instagram or Facebook to see my most recent work. And take a look at some of these other links below:

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