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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Maybe you are debating with yourself whether you should hire a professional organizer. Maybe you have never heard of a professional organizer and your thinking "Isn't everyone supposed to take care of their own stuff?" Well, there are many reasons, all legitimate, why people struggle to get organized. I will address 5 reasons in this post. Hopefully it will come as a relief to find that you are not alone in your struggle, nor do you need to dig yourself out of the chaos alone. I want to inspire you to take that next step toward organization by asking for help. Help IS available. Let's dive in....

#5 Time Crunch: You're exhausted after a long day of work, or you spend most of your time chasing toddlers around the house, or you've just changed careers or moved (as many have done during the pandemic). Things don't have designated homes and you don't have any systems in place to be consistent with your organization goals. So...You don't have time to put things away, let alone find those things when you need them, which compounds your clutter problem. A professional organizer can free up your time by tackling the project for you, putting the brakes on this endless spiral of disorganization. When a good system is in place, it will calm the chaos and it will save you time in the future, too, making daily life easier.

#4 Save Money: Organizing can save you money in several ways. A good organizer can help keep your expenses down by choosing products that are reasonably priced, as well as utilizing storage accessories you already have in your home. Hiring a professional doesn't have to be expensive, either. Many run specials at certain times of the year such as Christmas & Mother's Day. Look for those discounts. And lastly, once a space is organized, you will no longer be throwing away expired foods or buying duplicates of things you already have, hence saving you money!

#3 Motivation: You may know that you need better function in your home. Your home is disorganized and the clutter bothers you. Yet, you just don't have any desire to organize. None of it sounds fun - not the decluttering, not the sorting, not even the choosing of pretty containers. You just haven't been motivated. A professional organizer can be a "buddy" or "coach" to help you power through your project or they can step in to rescue you and just get it done! Making that appointment with a Pro will hold you accountable and be the push to help you move forward.

#2 Expertise/Customization: Have you read all the books & blogs on the subject of organization? Watched the shows on Netflix and tutorials on YouTube? (Btw, you can find my YouTube Channel here.) Have you shopped all the tools, tips, & tricks? Yet nothing you've touched looks quite like the pictures you've seen. And nothing is working well, even when it does look pretty. What you've discovered is that organizational needs are very personal and individual. And homes are not alike either - some have odd shaped rooms or deep, cavernous closets, or they are just small. Your preferences and needs to function well in your home and to have it look neat & tidy are unique. You need unique solutions. A professional organizer can help you with solutions and then implement them. Imagine an organized home that is catered to you!

You can reach out to me on my website here, or use google to search for other organizers in your area. I hope you are closer to taking that step toward a more calm & peaceful life in your home. It will be worth it!


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